About XDA

About XDA

Welcome to XDA 2.0!

XDA Developers was founded in 2003 by developers, for developers. At first, the community was focused on the Windows Mobile (and subsequently Windows Phone) ecosystems. Designed as the home for those who wanted to do more with their PDAs at the time, including customizing the look and feel to fixing problems and adding new functionality.

In the early 2010s, with the rise of Android and the decline of the Windows Phone ecosystem, XDA began covering Android devices and rose to become one of the largest global Android resources, serving millions of global readers every month. Now, we have over 30,000 articles dealing with Phones, Tablets, Wearables, Reviews, and mobile industry news and we’re just getting started!

2010 saw the launch of the Portal and as we celebrated our ten-year anniversary, we realized our readers’ interests went way beyond mobile. In 2020, we hit new heights with the launch of an XDA phone and the expansion of our Content and the Community into wider enthusiast areas. Now, we cover Android more than we ever have before but also cover the Apple iPhone, iPad, Computing (including Windows, Linux, and Mac), and Gaming. There’s plenty still to come and we can’t wait to show you some of the surprises we have in store!

If you would like to join our Staff, see our openings here! If you have any thoughts or comments, get in touch! You can also send a tip to the editorial team. Also, take a look at our Code of Ethics.

The XDA Management Team

The XDA Team

The Busy Pixel Media Team

  • Josh Solan – Chief Executive Officer
  • Brandon Miniman – Chief Operating Officer
  • Dave Drager – Chief Technology Officer
  • James Falconer – VP of Business Development & Community
  • Scott Falkingham – Chief Architect
  • Catherine Vitchenko – Graphic Designer