Gucci and Oura collaborate to deliver a new smart ring dripping with luxury

Gucci and Oura collaborate to deliver a new smart ring dripping with luxury

After witnessing early leaks, we finally got an official announcement between Gucci and Oura. The two have announced a new collaborative project that will yield a new ring that can deliver accurate health data and look fashionable at the same time.

Oura is best known for its compact smart ring that launched via Kickstarter back in 2016. Since then, it has launched two versions, with the most recent one, its third generation ring, debuting towards the tail end of 2021. The Gucci collaboration is technically its fourth product but the technology of the ring is based on its third generation ring. So what makes the Gucci collaboration different from its standard offering?


The Gucci x Oura collaboration comes in at a staggering $950

For one, the price tag, coming in at a staggering $950. As you might expect for this price, Gucci is also using premium materials, relying on a black synthetic corundum for a majority of the exterior of the ring. Of course, the ring will have the iconic interlocking Gucci G logo that is made from 18-karat yellow gold. The ring also features a braided torch design in 18-karat yellow gold that decorates the outer part of the band.

The Oura smart ring can monitor heart rate, temperature, sleep activity, and more. The measurements are taken from the arteries in the finger, which Oura claims as giving better and more accurate results than sensors found on the wrist. This data can be viewed on the Oura app available for iOS and Android with one of the more unique features being that it is processed to “offer science-backed content on how to optimize each day”.

If this high-end luxury smart ring has what you’re looking for, you can now pick up the device online at or at select physical retail Gucci stores around the world. The ring will be sold at a retail price of $950. If you’re looking for the standard Oura ring, that can be purchased via Oura starting at $299.

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