T-Mobile update cripples LG devices, fix now available

T-Mobile update cripples LG devices, fix now available

LG device owners on the T-Mobile network in the United States were given a rude awakening when their smartphones stopped working out of the blue. The problem came as an error message, rendering devices useless. Despite the problem being fixed now, it just goes to show just how important it is for software or settings to be maintained properly by both device manufacturers and carriers.

The problem came as a message that the IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) had stopped working. Without complicating things, the IMS provides support for services that are necessary on most modern smartphones and cellular devices. Without this, most modern smartphones fail to operate on a cellular network. Because of this, LG devices on the T-Mobile network couldn’t even perform basic tasks like making phone calls. Unfortunately, it is unknown just how many users were affected during the outage, but regardless, this was a critical event.


LG devices on the T-Mobile network couldn’t even perform basic tasks

This must have been quite a shock for LG users considering that the company very publicly exited the mobile device business early last year. Many users could have thought that support for their devices had been discontinued due to the company abandoning its devices. Thankfully, this didn’t seem to be the case, as the company is still standing behind its products with updates and support. Most recently, the company delivered an update to its LG Wing on Verizon, giving it better 5G support. However, this event surely must form some doubt in the minds of LG customers.

According to a source, T-Mobile stepped in to fix the issue on the back-end. Affected customers can effectively reboot their devices and have the fix applied over the air. If affected customers are not manually rebooting their devices to apply the fix, the fix will automatically be applied in the course of the next day or so. The culprit of this fiasco seems to have been T-Mobile making some changes to the back-end, which caused some issues with LG devices on its network. Unfortunately, this issue was not caught until the changes went live.

Source: The T-Mo Report

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