TikTok launching LIVE subscription on May 26

TikTok launching LIVE subscription on May 26

TikTok is once again making a push to woo creators to its platform, readying a new service that will give its creators a new way to earn revenue. The LIVE subscription service has been a long time coming, seeing as competitors have offered a similar service for quite some time. The LIVE subscription service will roll out starting on May 26.

LIVE will allow TikTok creators to have a new way to earn income. According to a brief post on TikTok’s blog, select creators will be able to turn on the feature on May 26, giving them a new way to connect with their community. The biggest benefit of this will be that it will allow creators to earn a predictable income each month. This has been a pain point on the service for quite some time and this could be an excellent remedy for it.


Creators can earn a predictable income each month

TikTok shared that creators will be able to personalize their own LIVE room and be one of the first to offer the service to its audience. The post goes on to urge users to search for “LIVE subscription” on TikTok. This leads to various posts from creators on the platform sharing the handful of benefits the service will offer. Judging from the looks of it, creators and its audience on the booming platform are quite excited about the new feature going live, with lots of posts showing excitement for the impending change.

According to beta users, the new LIVE subscription service will offer benefits like subscriber-only chat, access to subscriber-only livestreams, emotes, unique gifts, and badges. The change will give TikTok a new tool in its arsenal in its fight against its competitors. Currently, there is no pricing announced for the new service. The new service will roll out on May 26 to a select group of creators as a beta, with a more widespread rollout planned in the future.

Source: TikTok
Via: TechCrunch

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