Android 13 Beta 2.1 is here with bug fixes

Android 13 Beta 2.1 is here with bug fixes

Android 13 is edging closer and closer, and we’ve already seen a lot of what’s to come with the next platform release. We’ve seen the company adding new features with each build, and some highlights include the photo picker API and more granular media files permissions. Most recently we saw Android 13 Beta 2 drop during this year’s Google I/O which set the groundwork for a more predictive back gesture, but the company is already out with Beta 2.1, packing in a few software fixes for users who are currently testing out the betas.

When will Android 13 release?

For Android updates, Google typically reveals a “platform stability” milestone so that developers can know when Google intends on delivering the final SDK/NDK APIs, along with final internal APIs and app-facing system behaviors. Google intends on reaching platform stability in June 2022, with several weeks at minimum planned before the official release. Android 12 hit platform stability in August of 2021 and the final version was released in October of that year. Google has released more details about the release timeline that you can check out.


Android 13 Beta 2.1 bug fixes

These fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed an issue where typing in the search bar resulted in a blank list of suggestions.
  • Fixed an issue where devices would crash and restart when turning on hotspot.
  • Fixed an issue where a continuous call dialing sound could be heard in the background during a phone call.
  • Fixed an issue where devices would crash and restart after disconnecting from Android Auto.

Google also says that there are stability improvements.

If you’re someone who’s using one of these betas, then you should think about installing Beta 2.1 that just came out. Note though that the known issues list that Google published for Beta 2 applies here, it just seems to be the case that Google deemed these ones to be a higher priority and fixed them in between beta releases.

All in all, it’s a pretty minor release, and it’s good to see Google ironing out bugs in between releases. Beta builds are designed to be used by users who want to try out the next version of Android, so while you shouldn’t use it on your daily driver, I’m sure plenty of users do. As a result, some of these are pretty problematic bugs that could have caused problems for people.

How to download and install Android 13 Beta 2.1 on your Google Pixel device

You can easily download Android Developer Beta 2.1, and be sure to check out our guide on how to install Android 13 if you’re unsure of how to do so. If you already have a previous beta, then you will receive the update via OTA.

Google is officially releasing this beta update for the Pixel 6 Pro, Pixel 6, Pixel 5a 5G, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a (5G), Pixel 4a, Pixel 4 XL, or Pixel 4. You can use the 64-bit system images with the Android Emulator in Android Studio too.

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