Instagram might soon let you customize how posts appear on your profile

Instagram might soon let you customize how posts appear on your profile

Instagram is a platform that we’re all familiar with, and for some people, it’s their primary social media intake. In particular, many artists use Instagram to share their photos and drawings, and while the app does offer a ton of ways to edit your photos, there’s not a lot of control over how those photos appear on your profile. Now, according to findings from two separate users on Twitter, it seems that Instagram may finally be letting you customize how posts appear on your profile.

The first customization option, spotted by @alex193a, will allow you to choose and crop what part of the image will be shown on your Instagram profile.


This is especially useful for people who like to curate how their profiles look at a glance. Some people like to combine the thumbnails of every image on their profile so that when you visit, it looks like one cohesive photo split up into many pieces. This will make it easier for those people who may want to do that or even just those who want to focus on one specific aspect of a photo. This may tie into the feature the company was reportedly working on that would allow you to re-arrange the order in which posts appear on your feed.

The second customization option was spotted by @salman_memon_7, and it’s the ability to select an aspect ratio for the thumbnails of photos on your Instagram feed.

This feature is currently in testing as well, but it will allow you to have slightly longer photos on your feed to add a bit of variation. You may also typically prefer to upload portrait photos, so therefore, a 4:5 aspect ratio may suit your feed better.

Currently, both of these features are being worked on by Instagram, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be released to the general public. Companies have a habit of testing features all the time, and while some make it to end-users, others don’t. It’s very likely we’ll see something arrive for Instagram users to customize their feeds in the future, but who knows what exactly.

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