SteamOS 3.2 makes its way to the stable channel

SteamOS 3.2 makes its way to the stable channel

SteamOS 3.2 has been made official and can be downloaded to your Steam Deck right now. Previously, the update was only available to those enrolled in the beta channel.

First and foremost, the update brings the ability to change the refresh rate. The default refresh rate on the Steam Deck is 60Hz. While you could previously limit the frames at 60Hz to 15fps, 30fps, and 60fps, with the update, you’ll be able to lower the refresh rate to 40Hz. Within this 40Hz refresh rate setting, you’ll be able to further refine the frame rate by dialing in the settings to 10fps, 20fps, and 40fps. This should allow users to find the best settings for each game and it can also enhance battery life. Best of all, you will be able to save these settings for each game, making it easy to customize. Users will also gain access to more internal screen resolution options for games.


The next enhancement brought by the update is the adjustments made to the console’s fan behavior. Rather than relying on the BIOS, the new update brings fan control to SteamOS. According to Valve, this means that “overall it’s smarter, more responsive to what’s happening on and inside Steam Deck, and quieter.” The feature has been rigorously tested but Valve is committed to improving it and states that it will continue to be updated, so look out for more changes in the future. Valve has also introduced a change for the console’s audio, allowing users to eke out more sound from the speakers.

As a final note, Valve has stated that they have added Remote Play Together, a feature that will allow players to join in on a game remotely as if they were sitting right next to you. This isn’t part of SteamOS 3.2, but is instead an update to the Steam Client. Unfortunately, for now, this doesn’t apply to all games and is instead limited to a few supported titles.

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