ASUS unveils an insane 500Hz gaming monitor at Computex 2022

ASUS unveils an insane 500Hz gaming monitor at Computex 2022

The current crop of high-refresh-rate gaming monitors tops out at 360Hz. While 360Hz by itself is most likely overkill for the majority of gamers out there, ASUS wants to one-up the competition. The company has now unveiled a new gaming monitor at Computex 2022 with a truly bonkers 500Hz refresh rate. ASUS calls it the ROG Swift 500Hz and says it’s a groundbreaking unit that offers the most fluid and fast-paced experience you’ll find in modern esports.

The ROG Swift 500Hz features a 24.1-inch panel that tops out at Full HD (1920×1080) resolution. The relatively low resolution here is understandable given the insanely high refresh rate. We doubt if even the best graphics cards out there will be able to push such insanely high frame rates at anything above 1080p. Just to put things into perspective, the ROG Swift 500Hz draws frames more than eight times faster than typical 60Hz displays in a single second. It’s great because it means you’ll have that much more time to get a leg up on your opponent in esports titles, but it also means your GPU will be put through its paces.


ROG Swift 500Hz with E-TN display

The ASUS ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor on a white background

ASUS says it’s using a new Esports TN (E-TN) technology which offers 60% better response times than standard TN panels to make the ROG Swift 500Hz better in terms of responsiveness. It also comes with a built-in NVIDIA Reflex Analyzer and G-SYNC support, which will let gamers tweak their settings to achieve the lowest possible input lag without stuttering or tearing.

ASUS takes a lot of pride in being one of the first manufacturers to push the boundaries of high-refresh-rate monitors in the competitive esports scene. The company has been ahead of the curve when it comes to ultra-fast gaming monitors, delivering its first 144Hz gaming monitor all the way back in 2012, the first 240Hz monitor in 2017, and the first 360Hz monitor in 2020. That being said, this isn’t the first time we’re reporting about a 500Hz refresh rate gaming monitor. China’s BOE was the first one to showcase a prototype monitor earlier this year that could refresh 500 times every second.

ASUS hasn’t shared the pricing or availability info for the Swift 500Hz gaming monitor just yet. We don’t expect it to be an affordable monitor as it’s targeted at professional esports gamers who like to be on the bleeding edge. We’ll reserve our judgments on it for later. In the meantime, you can check out our collection of the best gaming monitors that you can buy right now without burning a huge hole in your wallet.

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