OPPO Product Ambassadors Program – Highlights from these Savvy and Spirited Pacesetters

OPPO Product Ambassadors Program – Highlights from these Savvy and Spirited Pacesetters

In February of 2022, OPPO began recruiting people to be a part of their Product Ambassador Program. This was timed with the release of the OPPO Find X5 Pro, which members of this program received as a benefit. As these members have documented their experience with this phone, we can see reviews and feedback from people of all different walks of life.

Using the XDA forums to post much of their content, members have published reviews, photos, stories, and performance results. Now you have the chance to join in on the fun by participating in the poll. Your vote can help determine the three most inspiring members of the OPPO Product Ambassadors Program. The winners will receive a free trip to Wimbledon.


Vote for the most inspiring OPPO Product Ambassador Program here

How to Participate:​

Vote and share your thoughts in this thread with the tag #OPPOAmbassadors. Tell us who are the ones deserving of the title “The Most Inspiring Ambassador”. Everyone who participates in the voting and commenting will also be entered to win an OPPO Product Ambassadors swag bag.

Highlights from the OPPO Product Ambassadors Program

abhishekyadavphotography shares amazing photos captured on the OPPO Find X5 pro, in an XDA forums thread.

LimSM shares their full review of the OPPO Find X5 Pro.

From User ankitgondalia

A Detailed Review | OPPO Find X5 | OPPO Ambassador

Read this thorough review featuring some very nice product images.

This multi-part review covers many different aspects of this phone.


A full review of the standard OPPO Find X5 model, for those that opt for the lower-cost option.

Follow the action in the XDA forums and vote in this thread for your chance to win from OPPO swag!

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